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There is a dizzying array of groups discussed on the Tub, ranging from the friendly to the nefarious to the obscure, each with a tangled weave of lost origins, shifting alliances, and splintering factions. How is one to make heads or tales of it all? This page presents a grossly over-simplified display of some of the more interesting and important groups presented on the Tub. Scholars cringe and tussle over the very notion of the black and white classifications and superficial histories that are presented here, so take this all with a grain of salt, and follow the links to jump into the wonderfully nuanced shades of grey, the dark subterfuges, and the light-hearted ironies that fill the swirling waters of the Tub...

AA & Spin-offs

The origins of the Accidental Associationalist movement can be traced back to the auspicious meeting between Stimso Adid and Stimes Addisson. Years later, the Third AA International Conference split the AA right between the As, as the movement splintered into competing factions, the Accidentalist and the Associationalist camps. Other splinter and clamper groups soon formed, including, most notably, the militant Accidental Action, the Accidental Associationalist Research Group, the Association of Association, and the 3rd A. Despite the efforts of such protectionist organizations as the 27th Viceroys and the Young Lords, the whole thing slowly collapsed under its own weight. Eventually the Second Advance arose, in large part emerging from members of the Tampa-based Alpha Los Alamos and the Bureau of Surrealist Research.

One last particularly noteworthy spin-off is the children’s group, Lads and Lassies of the Skillet, formed by Stimes Addisson in 1953, seemingly in response to similar developments by Gnomes.

A couple of publications of interest include the Reticent 27 and the Lil' AA.

Places of interest include:


Death Cults are fixed on the cyclical processes of nature, the turn of the seasons, the passing of birth, creation and death. Ritual Murder is their forte and ablation is a part of their dark processes. Contemporary death cults operate in dark alcoves, hidden away from the naive public eye, like wolves praying on so many sheep. This makes it difficult to properly identify and classify such groups, but most would agree that death cults include the Anahinthan, the League of Gnomes, worshipers of Mormo and Mamu, and, possibly, the The League of Men with Fancy Gloves and the Priory of Goom.

Facts are shakey. The League of Gnomes, for example, traces back to John P. Merriweather as the founder--or was he but a puppet of Aliokrate? One real sticking point is the Unseen hand which has been various interpreted as some sort of counterfeiting gang set up as blackguards of the Gnomes or as an older, even more sinister group, that established the League of Gnomes for reasons that are unclear. Further complicating matters, a surprising number of splinter movements and sub-groups have sprung from the Gnomes, including:

Other, less eschatological Secret Societies on the Tub include the Choco Cult, La Ligue d'Agenda de la Pinque, La Ligue du Masque Cancéreux, the Second order of Shieks and Friars (Middle East), the Society of Men With Secret Underwear.

Peripheral Groups

Further Research

The "Groups Category" provides a comprehensive list of the groups, and Who's Who describes the people populating the Tub.

More about the AA:

Those interested in death cults and secret societies may be interested in other nefarious activity, including:

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Joseph Smith and his monochromatic death mask
Joseph Smith and his monochromatic death mask