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Death nv. 1. An unfortunate by-product of third-world countries, cannons, God-worship, ill-gotten gains and the prime cause of funerals and, by extension, funereality. 2. A consensual goal or endpoint; the resolution of a drama. 3. The result of life. 4. Generative force responsible for dead men and the multiplication of vapor.

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"You may be starved to death, stung to death by wasps, killed by tigers, cut to pieces--beginning at the toes--impaled on spears, burned to death, or tattooed."1  -- The Life and Adventures of the Burdett Twins. 1881. New York: Popular Press.

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Note 1:  Though the shock value is lost on contemporary audiences, both twins chose tattoos.


Attempting to escape Death, Poobs often turn to personal saviours.