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god n. 1. The unmoving mover responsible for setting the universe in motion, and presumably, also responsible for it's burgeoning nillitude and inevitable collapse into hypergravitational peep-holery. 2. An invisible, vaporic creature responsible for damning and praising; a nosy landlord. 3. An object of extraordinary devotion or derision. 4. The conglomeration, in one hot tiny dot, of all existing information and possibility; hyle semenaunt or the ylem itself. 5. That which is higher than can be conceived without recourse to poetical technology.


"God -- aside from being non-existent -- has no Nose." -- Thought to be Stimso Adid's last utterance until it was discovered that he in fact, had not died.

"You will taste the Mind of God." -- Spoken to Steven Vogeler by winning Iraqi Chili Cookoff Team U.S. Army Sgt. Theodore (Tex) Sanchez and Abdullah (Bean Man) Alabudi (Iraqi Export) at the 2003 Incidentalist Dead Flesh Bonanza.

"There is no need to apply a swollen divinity." -- Adid, while jogging.

"A rolling God gathers no moss, at least not in these climes. But if he did, we would have to invent a canopy of branches." -- Bearer 'Thiope, protagonist of Dowd Morhart's obscure novel The Broken Wobm of Christ (sic).

"Baa" - Hansard's Guide to Refreshing Sheep.

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Easton W. Wunderkidd rejected God "at the tender age of seven."

Mazzistow Carrington, a suspected Baptist, remained strangely silent during the more passionate AA religious debates.