Abdullah (Bean Man) Alabudi

From Plastic Tub

Mossad Agent, Radical Islamist, Semantic Raconteur -- so read the placard of the man who would win not only once -- but twice - the mantle of "Overall He-Goon In Wraps," the highest praise levied in the form of the coveted Carrington Award, collected only by the most talented chefs at each year's Bonanza.

His chili baffled the panel of experts with its mysterious blend of harissa and curry powder, lending it a unique flavor which could not be reproduced by his opponents, all cooking with various New World peppers and cayenne powders.

Alabudi is neither a raconteur, a radical nor a Mossad agent. He is in fact a humble kebab shop proprietor from Fallujah who emigrated to the U.S. in the wake of the first Gulf War after his house was liberated from under him as he slept.

His love for chili developed after he encountered a young Chicano Army regular, Sgt. Theodore (Tex) Sanchez, soon after his home was destroyed. The two exchanged quips and recipes and formed an unlikely friendship. Sanchez helped the Alabudi emigrate to Texas, where they formed the powerhouse team that took home top honors in the 2003 and 2004 chili cookoffs. Will they make it a hat trick in July?

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