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Altar(s) .nplssd. 1. Geomantic loci wheron Gods can be the object of direct human communication; the one way post-stop of Hope, Faith and Interlocution. 2. Any man-made object, or space, which seemingly produces praeterhuman phenomena. 3. The stage for a ritual sacrifice; a crematory.


AA'ers are known to collect small artifacts and curios of some personal significance or interest-- often with a comical aspect--and to display them in a quasi-reverent fashion within a frame or on a shelf. Objects are sometimes presented ironically, but rarely without at least a sprinkling of earnest admiration and devotion. Sometimes incense is burned and bits of fruit and/or small shot glasses of alcohol left as offerings. Often a symbol of something feared or despised is placed upon these altars in the hopes that the altar's power will somehow lead to its destruction or defeat.

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' altar is located in his bathroom.
Steven Adkins' altar is located in his bathroom.


In Corinthians, St. Paul refers to pagan altars as the "table of devils."

Dr. Peter Von Fondle was quite fond of altar boys.