Dr. Peter Von Fondle

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Australian, 1932-1996. He arrives in a yellow school bus full of children and could not be coaxed out. He is a Care-Bear at half-mast. He recieves a skeleton latchkey.

The illustriously vague and paedeophillic aeolist of pupil persuasion perhaps most famous for his pre-adolescent play "Pardon Me Priapus" a seedy tale of racial supremacy achieved by injesting a steady diet of pure "manmilk." His later acuity in historical sexual studies and his unholy enthusiasm for behavioralism strengthened his ability to co-erce false testimony in the now legendary Red-Shoe Scare. Legendary for both his sadism and his peach pudding, Von Fondle was not much missed when he died, asphyxiated in an S&M orgy by a gagball too tight.

Von Fondle was a founding member of the The International Council for Regressive Nonaterism and was a respected paleo-psychologist, author and playwright.

Theorist of Quantum Ethics and disciple of Christopher Andrews Stephenson III.

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In his early, pioneering years, Fondle often terrorized his peers with an inventive stream of practical jokes.