Humphrey S. Didium

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Doctors and Professors of Note

Professor of History of Religion at Mt. Sinai University, "Dr. D" was a favorite "go-to prof" and honored secret keeper of both elite graduate students of his numerous comparative religion courses and the seedier side of the local theatre scene. He maintained close contacts with Stimes Addisson until his death in 1981. His Everything That's Not, though large in scope and theory (it was here that he presented the 5 Stages of Idealization), remains an interesting aid to understanding the AA.

Didium choked to death on a pork chop in the Mt. Sinai dining hall. He was in a hurry and distracted, practicing as he was for his role in the school production of his own play Go Down, Moses, in which he was to play the "flaming bush," a campy, queenier version of the Biblical prototype.

In 1998, the libretto to an opera based upon the life of Dutch Forkes was found among his papers.


Dr. D was known to trade good grades for blowjobs.

In Mt. Sinai's winter sessions, professors were given a month to teach a mini-course in an area outside of their specialty, provided they had a demonstrable command of his subject. Didium tought a small but beloved course on the history of shipping vessels.

Gottshalls, in the Susquenhanna Valley, has a Didium Lane named after the fabled academic.