Dr. "Alamo" Jane Jenkins

From Plastic Tub

Doctors and Professors of Note

Jane couldn't hold her drink, but she could hold the secrets of Men -- and so she was known among the Persian emigrés as a Flightly Monument To Truth, tortoise-like in her ability to withstand multiple rapes, drudging academic assignments and the occasional spot-quote in trendy NPR coverage of Middle East eventuaries.

Notable Bird Species and Related Erratum

Alamo Jane is a tenured professor at the University of Boston, and is the world's leading authority on the Boston Massacre and pre-Revolutionary American gnosticism. Her book “Labyriths and Mirrors: Reflections on the Twisted History and Proper Usage of Myself” relates the history of the labyrinth to both the aforementioned tradition and event.

She and Art Doll were life-long platonic lovers after an all-too-brief yet infinitely passionate liason at the Fourth AA International Conference.

After his death, Jenkins took to wearing Victorian bloomers when she went about town. This would have scarcely attracted attention if not for the fact that she wore nothing else.