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Participants in the AA.

The term was originally used in Field Agent Smedley Wissock's report to his superiors at the FBI dated October 4, 1968: Internal Report 27a, 1967: The AA and Satellite Organs, Threat Factors and Subversive Tendencies. In a sporty display of life imitating fiction, participants in the group began using the term for themselves. It now refers both to original personages from the Who We Are era and those of the current manifestation known as The Second Advance.


Wissock was an undercover FBI agent working his way up the saboteur ladders when a nefarious assignment led him to Balthazar Buehb and subsequently the AA. Wissock, often fueled by Dewey Rose's acerbic vitriol, envisioned a wildly complicated AA Conspiracy whose perfidity would have made Trenchwheat smile. And it was so that Wissock unknowingly advanced much of the apochryphal mythos associated with today's AA. Wissock, a vehemenent racist, intoxicated on a homemade concoction of sodium pentathol and Everclear, failed to complete his plan to firebomb Stimes Addisson's residence when he was spooked by the sight of Mazzistow Carrington and Bashy Gupta exiting. Wissock was eventually dismissed from the force due to security clearance concerns, and it was later determined that Smedley suffered from acute schizophrenia.

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