Revelation of the Method

From Plastic Tub

Theory elucidated by Michael Hoffman. ( Hoffman posits the existence of a "cryptocracy" which rules current events in a numbers game designed to disorient and untimately enslave humanity in the service of their ends. For this reason they construct such events as the Kennedy assassination. As the years pass the obviousness that there lies something deeper than the official explanation in the event becomes almost universally acknowledged. So first the disorienting shock of the assassination itself, followed every so slowly by many revelations which demonstrate a conspiracy which is never thoroughly punished, causes a profound effect on the masses.

The Revelation of the Method, then, is a thumbing of the nose, the arrogant laugh of the powerful man caught red-handed but "the glove don't fit." We are overwhelmed by the cryptocracy's power and render ourselves hopeless.

The cryptocracy speaks in codes and clever metaphor, blatant lies and such obvious symbols that we must shake our heads in wonder at how they've managed to round us up like cattle. Every cryptocrat loves a Poob.

Hoffman's books are popular in AA circles despite the hot-potato effect of some of his more controversial claims.

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