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poob, poob culture n. 1. A cultural schema structured on the idea of first causes. 2. A society obsessed with God, Centration, Kapital. 3. The philosophy of presumptive association; anassociational mentation. 4. A blind man, a jackass. 5. Plebeian concerns, a plebe; the victim or initiator of a Poob Bargain.


"We are here to crush The Poob -- before he adds more O's to his repetoire." -- Steven Vogeler, from On Hurling Wrenches.
"Opening your eyes, you get Poob quick." -- Dacusse, quipping out loud.
"You are all Poob, sick fucking shit ass Poob. I maintain this site in the way Associationalists have always maintained Zoos -- looky here, at the fucking sick shit these fuckers are up to -- ha!i'm gonna fucking puke. Let me go. Now. Move quietly. Poob Death is your game, and I'm only playing so much as I'm not. Get it? Poob Out, bitches. And don't complain when the fucking glove comes down." -- Tim Wilson, writing to fellow researchers.

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"We didn't arrive to smooth over our differences. We didn't arrive to kick out the shit, or jam on it -- we didn't arrive to turn on the porch lights."

"In all the world, across the globe, all men suffer quietly in their sheep-shoes. They amend themselves by bending, by amounting to sums otherwise concieved in market stalls, in pouts of awareness -- when you sleep, it's all cool."

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