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Publicity still for Vogeler's HoboCore  band, .
Publicity still for Vogeler's HoboCore AA band, Sven and The Tingles.
American. Born January 29, 1966 in Kingsville, Texas. He arrives on a delicate flower whose petals rock the fuck out. He takes the form of a cultural critic, throws down, is invited to the after hours party. He recieves raised eyebrows, a blimp-inflation kit.

Assailed by contemporary critics as a fraudulent and ill-informed Cultural Critic, a Sunday Painter, a poor speller, The Single Proprietor and Principle Tour Guide of the I Smoked Pot Over There walking tour of downtown Dallas, a sometime bartender and local Smoke Ring Blower Extraordinaire, Vogeler is most famous for being the product of Monstrous Science. Originally composed entirely of cattle-hats, his controversial imbroglio with the La Ligue du Masque Cancéreux stripped him of his superpowers. Thus, he can be found on most Thursday nights holding court with Tim Wilson at the obscure Expo Lounge in the transient-filled side of downtown Dallas.

Sven also maintains a weekly poetry reading in his shower. Akin to the telephone booth craze of the 1950's, this sudsy conclave has been making a splash all across Texas, reaching audiences heretofore defined as "unreceptive to contemporary verse."

Known Works

Associationalist Composition No.1

Lollipop Enclave

Stabbing Hat

Who shot Gilligan? Culture Critique

On Hurling Wrenches, insurrectionist instructional manual.

Casamegas Revised, a revisionist history of the tourettic genius Casemegas, and his quest to kill Pablo Picasso.

Ten Seconds from Forever, a Space Rock Opera based on the life of Stepin Fetchit (, early Hollywood child star with which Vogeler claims he "can heavily relate."

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Vogeler once referred to his sternum as a "candy apple with three carburetors."

He is a self-professed "huge Asian Thumbs fan."