Lambda Land of Gar

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Notable Locations and Geomantic Loci

Posthumously-named group of decidedly unimportant artists from Garland, Texas, who throughout the late 1980's and 90's unknowingly engaged in civil unrest and sympathetic AA operations. Like Tampa, Florida, Garland is home to an over-proportionate distribution of drug abusers and dexterous guitar-slingers scanning all categories between speed-metal and death-jazz. Few Garland artists, however, find their way out of the suburb, and those few who don't lose themselves in the increasing Skinhead meth-movement eventually employ themselves at one of the many motherboard manufacturing companies who set up shop in the industrial parks littering the flat and polluted landscape. It is also the home of several wealthy computer game developers who are often seen strutting their stuff in gorgeous Hummers.
Garland's expansive skybox inspired a generation of artists.
Garland's expansive skybox inspired a generation of artists.


Before Steven Vogeler solidified his concept of Karma, he spent hard time in the Garland County Jail for his unwitting participation in ritual shoplifting. Like Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, all he had stolen was a loaf of bread. Unfortunately for him, it was a very large loaf and could not be disguised under his skimpy outfit.

Although patently false, many citizens believe the guy who invented astro-turf lived in Garland.

On their way to the first Incidentalist Dead Flesh Bonanza barbecue in south Texas, Stimso Adid had his first and last date with methamphetamines, self-administered in a Garland Exxon bathroom while Mazzistow Carrington's rented automobile was being repaired.