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Notable Locations and Geomantic Loci

Iagoville is a small town in Northwestern Whatever, founded by some fellow who had a deep appreciation of Othello -- initially naming his only child "Honest Iago" until uncountable flurries of punching caused him to reconsider, re-christening his boy "Poopster Den", after the Math Rock band founded nearly a hundred years later in the same town, immediately following the delighful coronation of birds, as painted by Max Ernst in a profoundly autonomic manner, indeed.

In most circumstances, Iagoville is considered a town, but recent events have led many lovers of enigmatic demographic benchmarks to propose an alternative nomenclature. The none-too-obscure "suburb" remains a perennial favorite, due mostly to the opening of a second KFC.

Some suggest, however, that the 5 miles of undeveloped quasi-rural property between Iagoville and the nearest fringe of legitimate sprawl from Northwestern Whatever make this label incompatible wih its true nature, which should in fact be best described as "post-redneck transitional proximity population node."

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In a short lived attempt at securing a pilot episode of "Crappy Surroundings, Crappy Peephole," Jonathan Trenchwheat ate five hot peppers at a complete stranger's house -- only to sink deeper into melancholy!

Occult detective Steven Adkins discovered that the three main thouroughfares of downtown Iagoville (Roderigo, Brabanzio and Montano) converge to form a Triskelion.

The local high school mascot is a Christian Moor.