San Luis Potosi

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Notable Locations and Geomantic Loci

Founded in 1592, San Luis Potosí is located in the south-central part of San Luis Potosí state (Mexico) at 22.16°N, 100.98°W. It is the state capital. Its population is roughly 630,000.

A few reasons why it figures in the AA story:

  • Creatine Panderbox died on May 3, 1960, in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.
  • On September 19, 1999, Pedro Marquez of San Luis Potosi, Mexico, uttered, "If there were a place you could stand while holding your breath but while breathing you could by smirking almost" (see Contemporaries).
  • During his South American Adventures Of 1948, Easton W. Wunderkidd made the aquaintance of Creatine Panderbox in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.
  • Luis Potosi pitched for the 1972 San Francisco Giants. Potosi was a good friend of William Flintrock.
  • Steven Adkins stayed there briefly in 1998 while investigating allegations that Mormo masks were to be found in the city's famous Museo Nacional de la Máscara. The rumors proved to be groundless.
  • The pantless Huastec (, indigenous to San Luis Potosi, were admired by other Meso-American societies for crafting a civilization of fine architecture, sculpture, music and women--but curiously lacking in clothes. Their city gates bore an incription that roughly translates to "the flesh can be made pure by the removal of pants."