Creatine Panderbox

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Born on April 16, 1930 in Manchester, England. Died on May 3, 1960 in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. She does not arrive, she remains on the stoop, laden with surveillance gear. She receives a bag of mulch. She is a first-born flower.

Suspicious Deaths

Panderbox was photography editor of Reticent 27 between 1955-57. She hung herself with a pair of pants from a dead tree, three months after it was discovered she had been feeding information on the personal lives of the AA circle to the The League of Gnomes. She had been seen earlier that afternoon with Ryan O'Donnely, leading many to suspect foul play.

An unattached ear was found below her left, dangling leg. It belongs to neither Panderbox nor Ryan. Though it remains unclaimed, its unattached mate ( was found in the streets of Panderbox's hometown of Manchester, England, near Strangeways Prison on February 18, 2005 -- nearly 45 years after her death.

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Panderbox could swallow a whole bag of mixed nuts without resorting to even a spoonful of water.

Panderbox perfected the arts of feigning drunkeness and great excitement.

Panderbox could pull a string of pearls through her nose and back out her mouth, though she claimed it tickled "somethin' awful".