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Honeybee(s) n. 1. Derisive term applied to those women who, with apparently little else to do than to malinger around museums, art galleries and drafty studios, spout nonsense and display a prowess for elegant hair-dos. 2. A blatantly homo-sexual man. 3. A superficial or shallow person; an expert at toadying and sycophantry.


The term gains importance due to it's near-obsessive presence in Addisson's youthful novella How Goes. In it, he queries:

" ... if I'm dangerous with a knife and my pal Eric is dangerous with a gun. Tom here can kill you with a remote. We're all fucking danger incarnate. Nothing but angry cocks and hawking condoms, pushing a tighter pipe fitting, America's greatest poetry -- how is it that a honeybee gently floating keeps Us at a Bay? We've pulled out, here. It's touched on all our faces, each window the flit of a wing, the trash of our lives gaining in sound like an angry hive, arriving finally at the corner lot -- where, apparently, someone had been waiting."


"It's quite a good show -- if you can see past the queens and honeybees." --Steven Adkins, mid-flex.

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Cassius Clay ate twenty-seven honeybees after hearing that Fidel Castro ate twenty-four.

The honeybee is mathematically impossible.