Monstrous Science

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monstrous science inad. 1. A pejorative term referring to the intrusion of Science into areas considered the traditional realm of Faith, Religion or Mysticism. 2. Scientific experimentation producing human tragedy, death or otherwise monstrous circumstance. 2. A ballsy powerplay toward the throne of God, most notably enacted by the adherents of materialism.


"In the Associationalist milieu, monstrous science functions as a metaphor jilted aside from the defective effects of direct analogy, representing a belief in the intellectual capacity of man to understand and comprehend the universe. But it also represents the unfortunate tendency of these self-same “intellectuals” to clog understanding with the investigation of cock-n-balls, knee-deep speculations on "tight vaginas," endless and furrowing argumentation, fist-fighting over watering systems and the equal distribution of wealth. Like bearded ladies with pen-knives spearing half-formed thoughts, their neophyte literature flickers and wanes, casting shadows that appear like Minotaur by the hat-rack -- all the while beaming with a curiously understated joy, a step from biliousness and nearly all stripe."
"The study of such things naturally invites clamor --- and so it is that superlative examples of the scholarly type find themselves alone in this thick trench, cautiously gnawing the removing end of a pencil, papers askew, knowledge spread thick throughout the peat -- like a sealed envelope becoming bogs of vapor, big time, with no shit shorn."

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For instance, when mankind pulls a glove from the very hand of the unmoving mover.

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Though evidence is largely speculative, Pooban zealots often deride Goom as a product of monstrous science.