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Without a lattice upon which to string our cognition, Association is meaningless. It becomes Accident. That's how we started the fisticuffs bit.

The chimp on skates is the right leg, after the invisible hand erases your text. The desire to see pigs in clouds, order in boobaloob, read tea leaves, Donald Duck Tarot, to see the fingerprint of God in a turd and its shape in relationship to the croissant you ate for breakfast, the lack of revelation, the construction, the collage the palimpsest of gluebacked fluttering we use to construct our soul advertisement to salvation a.k.a. meaning a.k.a. fun.

Remember: Association is like running vapor through an alembic.

The AARG debated this point in circles, two people often ending up where the other had left off, changing position like so many pairs of pants in motion. AA activity is now generally known as Associationalism.

Paranoia is often considered a form of pathological Association. Salvador Dali once remarked that "Addisson was on the ball, much like a masturbating egret, eating your mother's bald head, will drip like a sparrow into a golden tumour, otherwise known as an egg in pants."

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In common philosophy "associationalism" is the psychological theory of knowledge which holds that all of our concepts come about through the association of images. David Hume is often called the "first associationalist," but the idea enjoyed its great heyday in the late Nineteenth Century in tandem with "sensationalism."