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human hand util. 1. A tool-making object composed of five digits, attached to the ass end of human arms, usually present in pairs and not to be confused with God. 2. The apparent mark of intelligent activity. 3. The mechanism of all neurological change, speaking-wise. 4. A masturbatory device. 5. The innards of a glove.



…his lower lip swollen beneath a twisted, bleeding nose; his eyes puffy and glazed, head nodding like a strung up balloon; his opponent, yelping with pleasure, fists leaping out

  • eating
  • manipulating small objects
  • drawing
  • picking nose
  • etc.

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A belly-whale whose head is fabricated of schoolyards and dirt-clods.

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"The fist is a history of making. It's the lock on your --and don't forget it." -  to , 1973.
"The fist is a history of making. It's the lock on your eye--and don't forget it." - Flintrock to Trenchwheat, 1973.


The hand is also an archaic unit of measurement, and is currently used as the standard unit to measure the height of horses.