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Eye(s) n. 1. The passive vertebrate of perceptual experience; either of a pair of hollering tinctures or a tangle of potential vapor. 2. The primary method of sublimating material existence; a metaphoric bath-marie in which a dialectic war is waged with hands, the spoken voice, or actuated thought. 3. The pigmented distraction and simultaneous elation of the soul. 4. The faculty of seeing; vision. 5. The ability to make intellectual or aesthetic judgments. 6. A central point (the eye of a needle, a bull's eye in a target, the nether eye, the opening on a peacock's feather); often associated with a void at the heart of chaos (the eye of a hurricane, labyrinth, mystery, enragement, or donut).


"My eyes creak upon their heels like queer sails...." -- Stimes Addisson, at the Sans Souci Apt. "Dog Days" party, to himself, 1954.

"Mine eyes ... keelhauled!" -- A.W. Slippers upon seeing topless maidens in Tahiti, 1785

"The eye wants to sleep ... but the head is no matress." -- He of the Assembly. Bowles, Paul.

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Albert Kook occasionally sported an eye-patch, though noone was sure why.