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hurricane n. 1. A cleansing device manifested through the agent of a tropical cyclone, with manifestly dangerous winds and the redistribution of water. 2. A popular drink on Bourbon Street of (Old) New Orleans. 3. A boxer framed for murder in the '60s (Rubin "Hurricane" Carter).


"One suspects the Hurricane will not be served in New Orleans again; at least not without a certain sense of irony, though that good old fashion fatalistic hedonism may someday take hold again...." -- Wolf Blitzer, trying to be cute while discussing Pat O'Brien's, a New Orleans bar that specialized in a drink name the Hurricane.

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Hurricanes are fond of putting eels in trees.
Hurricanes are fond of putting eels in trees.


According to to the Timucuan tribe of Central Florida, the hurricane is a result of a grudge borne by the wind against a palm tree who had mocked it.

Others blaim the Hurricane on whitey.