A.W. Slippers

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Born July 10, 1750 in England. Died April 1, 1812 in Arkham, Mass.

Captain Mesmerist; Professor of High Sciences, Cambridge MA; Author of numerous conflagratory tracts, nautical charts and a highly respected body of maritime criticism. Chief proponent of the Donut Shaped World Theory. Major influence upon Easton W. Wunderkidd.

Member of the Albert Kook gang. An extraordinary snooker player. Habitual user of opium. Libertine. Patriot. The most extensive collection of sequined breeches in the Colonies and after, the nascent U.S. A lover of ghosts and their letters home. Gave Guvernor Morris the quill said to have written the Constitution. An ancestor of Stimes Addisson. Participant in the rebellion which led to the Republic of West Florida (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republic_of_West_Florida#A_short-lived_Republic) (1810).

Slippers' birthplace is unknown, but he was killed in Washinton, D.C. during the War of 1812.

Slippers was a "macaroni," that is to say, a dandy. "His breeches were always splendid," wrote Guvernor Morris. Albert Kook wrote that he was often "resplendent." An auto-didact, Slippers knew all the classical languages and had passable Japanese. He traveled on a whaling boat for 25 years as a first mate and as a captain. His job on the side was opium: importation. He also smuggled rum, was a Freemason and played a mean game of whist (http://www.pagat.com/whist/whist.html).

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Slippers was a decent fencer and a crack shot. He loved to surf, a habit he picked up in Hawaii. He also sported an hoop earring and called his wife, Truehope Mathers Slippers, "Skippy."

In December 1814 an associate of Slippers' from the 1810 rebellion, Fulwar Skipwith, sponsored legislation to grant amnesty to "the privateers lately resorting to Barataria, who might be deterred from offering their services for fear of persecution." It is thought by many that Skipwith was helping out other comrades from the rebellion who were also affiliates of the Kook gang.