Albert Kook Gang

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Scholars are knaves, and as such have categorized the commercial and artistic enterprises surrounding Albert Kook as a gang; normally, this carries immense connatative eye-blacking. As far as most scholars are concerned, the "membership" of the Kook gang included sailors, dock workers, inn keepers and messengers. Four members, including: A.W. Slippers, Copernicus Trowbridge and Crispus Attucks are said to have been in the inner circle. Guvernor Morris' role is debated.

Theories abound about the gang with almost as much ubiquitousness as the Templars. For all the bullshit aside, one fact seems to be irrefutable: the Kook Gang was involved in La Ligue du Masque Cancéreux.

Suspected members of the Cancerous Mask, Pietri Biberoni and Paolo Grignotti, seem to have also been in the company of Kook gang members. Biberoni, for example, was carried back to Europe in a ship piloted by Trowbridge's nephew Zephyron McKennerson.

None of this "proves" anything. The Kook gang ran rum, opium, illegal dice, and food coupons designed for the 21st century, some zany Franklonian whim which nearly de-Titor'd the known universe. In other words: diddly. We still love ya, Ben.

Less certain is outcome of natural tensions between the Kooks and The League of Men with Fancy Gloves, who were heavy into pirating and smuggling at the time, allegedly controlling most of the traffic in and out of Cuba.

But, as it stands, there is no known direct evidence, no document or smoking gun. What appears to be true is that the gang operated with impunity and a sense of justice. Their unofficial sigil was a perfumed glove.

Homer, in his Best Secrets Revealed, states that Morris..."the wooden-legged patriot, was engaged in espionage, hiring Hessian mystic and some would say proto-Ariosophist Albertus Küch into the service of the fledgling US state."

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