Founding Fathers

From Plastic Tub

Founding Fathers aka "Fathers of Our Country," "Forefathers," "Framers." 1. The men who signed the Declaration of Independence, United States Constitution or otherwise participated in the American Revolution as Patriots. 2. Vaporic constructs which form the moral-reference point for the beleaguered ideals of U.S.. 3. In AA parlance, the AAers featured in the publication Who We Are. 4. Stimes Addisson and Stimso Adid. 5. A group of dead men.


While civilization called out and generally inscribed the size of ballsacks, an entire culture of vaginas existed beyond ken. Thus we find Founding Fathers in theorectical rout with constant Founding Motherhood -- it is between these two sloppy beast-hards where our divorced opining spins goofball records, gets maybe a tatoo or pukes, irrevocably, over five yards of China silk.

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Note 1:  Would be wooers take heed: this "strategy" is startling in its lack of success and renowned for yielding spectacular failures.


Caution: David Payne (that AA radical firebrand) attempts to woo women by claiming a distant relation to Thomas Paine (Rights of Man, etc.). 1 

In addition to fatherhood, Paine and Payne share red hair.

Ben Franklin was willing to experiment -- anytime, anywhere, anyone. Your secrets were safe with Ben!

George Washington was sterile but rode a mean horse.

Before going P.Funk, George Clinton nearly won the presidency. Twice.