Unseen hand

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Unseen hand (n.) 1. Not to be confused with God, the term generally refers to invisible forces guiding events from behind a veil. 2. Humanist spare-tire in the historical side-road blowout of Catholic (Western) traversement, a replacement for divine providence, psychotelism made popular through broadsides, mass murder, television cop dramas, uxoriant elbows scarring deeply skeptical divans, Yrrgdrasilic gene transfer and internationalist Protestant theology. 3. Motion unseen yet glancingly suspected; puppetry of mind, phenomenology's natural din.


The "Unseen Hand" is the name of the psy-ops arm of The League of Men with Fancy Gloves. The Framers, a League of Gnomes unit, often went about using the same name in order to discredit their opponents. Historically they are called by the rather unwieldy title of the "Counterfeit Unseen Hand," after an article by a young Guileless Maccabee. The Framers, according to documents collected by Smedley Wissock, often referred to the Unseen Hand as the Architect's hand.

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