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framers jfk. 1. Shifty perps who veil the stooge, ensnaring events through post-association; those bent on smear campaigns. 2. Those who erect the foundation or scaffolding upon which a structure is mounted; Founding Fathers. 3. Those blackguards, associates of the League of Gnomes, who were responsible for the dissemination of disinformation designed to further Pooban ideals. 4. Those who connect the stars and craft the Zodiac; astrologers.

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“…goddamn frame jobbin’, finger pointin’, blackmailin’, son of a guns…’’--Johnny Cash. Unpublished Songs.

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Blaming it on the Gloved ones was a standard dirty trick.

" stinks and it may cause cancer. It renders drinking systems useless and brains inoperative. It is, quite simply, incompatible with human existence."--The Solution to the Negro Problem. The Foriegn Council on Marijuana Use and Misuse. USRDA Publication #CE432/16.64. 1932.