Accidental Associationalist Research Group

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Group founded by Steven Adkins and Tim Wilson in Tampa during the Summer of 1995 to attract interest in and aid for their ongoing research into Accidental Associationalism. The group was never formally incorporated and languished for several years before developing into the Vaporslave ( and Plastic Tub project.

The immediate precursor to the ARRG was Alpha Los Alamos, which grew out of discussions at Mustang Sally's, formerly the Time Tunnel Pub, since been razed, in Tampa, while listening to I.G. Farben and the Trigger Finger Band or Lemon Bomb Pie. The ALA in turn grew from Alpha Las Vegas (Deland, Fla.) and the Bureau of Surrealist Research (St. Petersburg, Fla.), both of the early 1990's.

The AARG consisted of Steven Adkins, Douglas Coyle, Kristen Jensen, Marcus Kempton, Brenda Nichols, Kevin Statham and Tim Wilson. This was the group of Prince Manor residents who were a party to the AARG and the rejuvenated AA in mid-nineties Tampa.