Alpha Los Alamos

From Plastic Tub

Precursor to the AARG. Circa 1993. A social club centered around the now razed Suitcase City bar Mustang Sally's in Tampa, Florida. Most of its members went on to form the AARG after it became clear that the burgeoning scope of AA research merited a more scholarly approach to its structural apparati. David Payne was a member, but his unexpected and swift flight to avoid prosecution precluded his participation in the later group. It was only through the serendipitous "love-wire" (Frazer, 62) known as the internet that he was later reunited with his now full-bore AA-soaked colleagues and was able to begin--some might say resume--his participation in the AA via Plastic Tub.

Members of the ALA lived at Prince Manor, an elaborate set-piece which, although a fully-functional apartment complex, was in fact designed to hide a Dakota Meeting Room, unbeknownst to the ALA until many years after all concerned had moved on to different locales.

Meetings mainly involved heavy drinking, fisticuffs and decoding messages from Associationalist hobo-core flag-bearer IG Farbin and the Trigger Finger Band, the house band said to be guarding Mustang Sally's mysterious vault.

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