Mustang Sally

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The now razed Suitcase City1  bar Mustang Sally's was frequented by AARG associates engaged in heavy drinking, fisticuffs and decoding messages from Associationalist hobo-core flag-bearer IG Farbin and the Trigger Finger Band (Mustang Sally's house band). The band served as couriers for the bar's rarely-seen owners. These in turn were said to represent an even more mysterious party headquartered in the Boston area.

When the bar was levelled a concrete-sealed vault was found in the foundations. After much romantic speculation the vault was opened with some difficulty. Following a twelve-hour rigamarole, broadcast live on local TV, the vault's contents were laid bare: a silver wristwatch2  and a rubber mask depicting Richard Nixon with a face like an owl. The meaning of these curious artifacts has never been determined, despite several scholarly articles on the subject. University of South Florida expert Martin Jewels has indicated a book on the matter is forthcoming. Excerpts leaked to the internet feature spectacular claims of devil worship and Mafia connections.

Mustang Sally was also Ryan O'Donnely's pet name for his sixth wife.

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Note 1:  A rough-neck sprawl off the port city of Tampa.

Note 2:  The watch was running backwards. The battery failed exactly 5 hours after the vault was opened.


Nickle beers are a dangerous thing.