Alpha Las Vegas

From Plastic Tub

1989-1992. DeLand, Florida.

ALV was a cell of black-clad existentialist theologians in an unnamed Florida institute of higher learning. Their symbols were a pair of dice, their main art the sing-a-long. Only tatters of their poetry still exist. They inspired a cut-up poem, a play, many songs, a rock band in Gainesville and a series of haiku. Once, two of them sat on a grave at candlelight to write poetry. They took LSD and listened to Jazz, Hip-Hop, Punk, and Stravinsky.

Many things were set on fire such as chairs. Someone shit in a shoe and wiped an ass with a Polo Oxford.... The Beast was their Master: film, beer, devil. Bibles, too were burned, as in early AARG gatherings. Knife cuts upon flesh, fisticuffs and broken bottles.

Steven Adkins is the only member willing (so far) to sign his name to the scroll. Mr. Bush and Mr. Toyota and the nine-fingered friend.

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Bob Dylan performed a medley of ALV songs on his tours throughout the 1990's.

Carrot Top smoked a dubbie with the ALV but was spooked by a large and spontaneous gathering of clampers.

The Ritual of Penis Butter remains veiled in ALV Iron-Clad Secrecy.