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augury n 1. The art or practice of predicting the future; divination. 2. An attempt to solidify vapor by removing the accident. 3. The movement of chance, particularized in advance by poets, seers or persons otherwise in the know.


"...aruspicy, hepatoscopy, scapulimancy, animal sacrifice, ritualized murder...look, kid, I'm telling ya -- if ya wanna control the future, ya gotta kill somethin'..."


Scene: Lucretia Borges (that infamous clamper and founder of The 3rd A) and Alexandre Dacusse (looking about impatiently) -- both bellied up at local Bronx watering hole. Camera holds on the street corner, momentarily bare, a pleadingly flat shot. Eventually, a figure emerges, then two. They appear to speak.

(smoking a cigarette that is thin, in the european style, unlit)

Borges: "Well, you could, to be sure, chase the whole issue back to free will and what not, but don't you think that's a rather pedestrian attempt to camouflage the obvious religious symbology behind such universal occurrences?"

(still attached to his dumforqu1  , it's mechanical carapace causing slight discomfort, easily shrugged)

Dacusse: "WTF."

"I'm made of fire." screeches the ballooning tremor of the Nigerian taxi driver, his head, his race, his intention, bald. Blinking, Dacusse: "Is that some kind of hallucination?"

Lucretia, lifted inches from the pavement, eyes the size of Jefferson Dimes

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"Augury is closely related to attempts to control the future. Part of the thinking is that prediction grants one power -- power that can be used to control. But the relationship is more complex. Sacrifice, for example, is used to appease, appeal to, or otherwise manipulate the gods. But the entrails of these same animals are then examined like tea leaves to predict the future". -- John Wickle on Mormo Cults

"Borges has... devoted [much] thought (and money) to this -- though she seems to have really missed the boat. Her writings on the "precognitive dissassociation of the cause behind the action" have yielded such substantial misunderstanding and confusion regarding The Great Schism of the Third AA International Conference that she has been accused of a smear campain by no less than Nevid Kessar". -- John Wickle on Lucretia Borges

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Note 1:   You ditch me? What are you doing that tub shit gets annoying -- Johanna.


Augury was the name of Mazzistow Carrington's sole and only, singular, aside from the many, love.

The ancient Mayans based battle plans on the placement of seeds inside ritually sacrificed melons.

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