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watermelon wp. 1. A vine, Citrulus Vulgaris, native to Africa and cultivated for it's large, edible fruit. 2. A discreet form of booty, usually of a tough yet tender nature, extracted from a cave or a mineshaft. 3. The human body in it's primal form. 4. An egg. 5. A rough carapace in which can be found sheaves of poetry. 6. A subterranean hiding place from where such fruit is purloined. 7. A vagina.


"She was a young Pitcairner, a teenage girl tending watermelons in an isolated spot on the island where she grew up. Len Brown was old enough to be her father."

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A watermelon was one of the stars in Tim Wilson's 16mm film, Water:Pillow.

Easton W. Wunderkidd was once arrested for having sex with a watermelon.

Watermelons were given out by the alien probe in early Choco comics only twice.