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Two stills from the film, featuring , as played by .
Two stills from the film, featuring Stimes Addisson, as played by Steven Adkins.
A short film made within a haze of hubris, Water:Pillow is a nearly incomprehensible essay on symbolography, as constrained entirely by the metaphorical relationship of the prostitute to her patron.

Although no miracles are said to have been reported on the set, David Payne won fifty dollars at lotto while shooting his scenes. Tim Wilson got lucky when he was narrowly missed by a stray bullet from the neighboring ghetto. Although many members of the crew converted, nobody is exactly sure to what.


On December 19, 2006 the 16mm print, the outtakes and all the unused reels of the film were stolen from Wilson's home in Garland (http://plastictub.vaporslave.com/index.php?title=Image:Garland), Texas. Nothing else was disturbed in the break-in, but the thieves did leave 1) a note which simply read: "Sorry" 2) a thick cigarette composed of high-quality marijuana and some of Turkey's finest blended tobaccos and 3) a shiny and ornate brass button with a clump of wispy blue wool attached.

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