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nut tst. 1. A fecund morsel with protective casing, esp. a testicle, human head, shelled seed, or, metaphorically, a mystery. 2. One who exists in a rarefied state of vapor-free existence, clamp-proofed and impervious to poobs; an insane or holy person. 3. (p.n.) In Egyptian mythology Nut (Nuit) is the mother of all the gods and is also referred to as the stretched-out firmament; a sky goddess. 4. Third sign on the O'Donnely Zodiac Placemats. 5. That which is wrapped in a veil.


Many occult detectives (Shamus and Flanders, The M.O.I U, BansheeSlaya76, etc.) agree that the evidence reveals that it was Jack Parsons who convinced Choco to add nuts and thus drive a nation crazy.

Symbolic Kinships

The nut is an often misinterpreted symbol that betrays its tiny size with extreme longevity. Its symbology is easy to understand but the auto-genesisis of its kind is an unforgetable relic of the deep past when Molech and Mormo stood side by side at the birth of Gog from the ribside of Magog. Many of today's coming of age ceremonies, most notably the winter nut (blue balls) belong to both Molechian and Mormonian pantheons.

The metaphorical use of the term "nut" for a "head" extends to the symbolic representation of a cracked nut for an opened head and a shelled nut for an unopened head. This can be misleading, for a cracked nut is kook, wandering and eaten -- but an opened head is a kook, wallowing and revealing. Epistomologically, the cracked nut lies somewhere inbetween the noodle and the opened head.

Mythopoetically speaking, the nut is a close associate with the egg. Though the nut is sturdier than the egg, the egg is born pregnant. The nut is eternity -- growth delayed beyond patience and waiting; the egg is a time bomb -- it must rot, birth, or succumb to the mouth within one week of the expiration date.


"That Kook's a real nut. He just toyed with the Red Coats, slipping through their grasp like an invisible mist." -- posted to the now defunct in December of 2004.

"... while baking, be sure to glaze the mountain oysters frequently and liberally with the peanut/cider vinegar sauce...." -- Unknown Author (Mazzistow Carrington, ed.). Dallas Dumpling. May, 1979.

"AA'ers are one tough nut to crack." -- Field Agent Smedley Wissock. Internal Report 27a, 1967: The AA and Satelllite Organs, Threat Factors and Subversive Tendencies. October 4, 1968. FBI.

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