Maria Madrid Mantu

From Plastic Tub

Born 1922 (Sao Paulo Brazil) - Died January 11 1982. Though invited, she declined to appear. A small statuette is manufactured as a surrogate -- and so she recieves a plunket of Hollandaise sauce, dribbled through a straw. She's a marmoset -- one of the good ones.

Maria Madrid Mantu was born to Portuguese diplomats in the beautiful countryside of Sao Paulo, Brazil. A precocious child with the gift of beauty, she soon took South America by storm with her portrayal of the cute Peasant Girl in the Nazi-financed propaganda film Curls Fer Der Furher. She sky-rocketed to fame when her first husband Senatario Felicio Ban De Soleil was assassinated and her stoic beauty would captivate a country hungry for an official widow.

She sunk into seclusion throughout the rest of the war years and studied Theosophy ( with the since-discredited Russian mystic Helen Blavatsky, whom she so idolized that she financed a massive retreat center somwhere in the Peruvian mountains. It was here at her secret Shang-Ri-La that she would meet Easton W. Wunderkidd. His international reputation and quick wit soon garnered him space within Maria's inner circle of powerful and beautiful people. His endless fascination with Christopher Andrews Stephenson III soon became hers. Upon her continual insistence, Wunderkidd eventually arranged a meeting between the two. If one is to believe the account of the digruntled housekeeper, it was love before first sight. Christopher Andrews Stephenson III married Maria Madrid Mantu on Christmas Day, 1959. There is little doubt that Stephenson's meteoric rise to fame was all of Maria's making what with her infinite Political and Media connections and seemingly infinite wealth.

Forever a child star and daughter of diplomats, she always considered herself an artist first and this often led to misinformed or bad decisions that found her at constant odds with her accountants, financiers, and household servants. She continued to work behind the scenes financing many differant art guilds and political parties throughout the 1960's and 1970's. Life seemed perfect for Maria Madrid Mantu and Christopher Andrews Stephenson until Stephenson's demons would eventually come back and harm them both. She commited suicide on January 11 1982, six months after Stephenson died from an accidental drug overdose.