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Geloscopy vn. 1. Divination by means of laughter or mirth; prophecy through chuckles, used to unveil the hidden and to bring it sniggering to light. 2. The use of humor for the elucidation of a problem or to otherwise grapple about the edge of a bit, wringing it dry really, but getting shit done, solving it, opening it. 3. The primary means of Accidentalist evocation, using primal vaporic language. 4. mach. Device used to produce laughter in the fatidic sense, and employed by geloscopists. 5. euph. A common pick-up scheme employed by canny men with a fearsome or otherwise displeasing aspect.


The original geoscope was little more than a modified gnathic seismograph (


Krystine is a big poopy head.

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Main componet of Flintrock's geloscope.
Main componet of Flintrock's geloscope.


Thomas Edison tried to bring out a Mirth-o-Scope to produce glee and laughter but cancelled the project after all he could get was a machine that interpreted sighs and crying and made weeping sounds. Despite the arguments of his staff that they had on their hands a fully marketable Sadometer or Tristaphone, Edison was adamant. He had the prototypes destroyed and burnt the plans.