Nevid Kessar

From Plastic Tub

Born in 1946 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. He comes in through the window, drunk. He pees briefly, then joins the fray. His star is in ascension. He receives a ball of string. He is a salamander.

He was a tepid Accidentalist and wrote columns for Mazzistow Carrington's Auto-Colonial Bee (1967). He also participated as a voice of reason at the 3rd AA International Conference.

Kessar eschewed the AA life in 1999 and retired to his turnip farm outside of Des Moines, Iowa, where he makes chainsaw sculptures and raises 14 children by 5 wives. A devout Jesus Sniffer, he has foregone all forms of cosmetics in favor of the olive-oil enema.

Kessar published a blistering attack on Plastic Tub in January, 2005, called Children in Pants.

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Nevid Kessar's final portrait before retiring from the  scene
Nevid Kessar's final portrait before retiring from the AA scene


Early in life, to him it seemed later!

A victim of chronolopsy, he awakes thinking it's Tuesday.

Suffering messages from Chronos had little effect on the tractor-hardened!

Adid, who doesn't like the man, calls him "that fuckin' Romanian Mormo freak," knowing full well that Kessar is a Czech.