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homunculus n. 1. A controlling agent or meme, often diminutive in size or concept; the seed of a watermelon. 2. trad. A miniature human being residing in a sperm cell, which, when properly introduced to an egg, will develop into a full-sized person, a tiny golem, or an unseen master inhabiting a human host. 3. A profane creation which thwarts its intended purpose; an unwelcome visitor. 4. The bane of a poob.


"Depite Skinner's claims to have deloused mankind, homunculi fling Payne like a rag doll." -- A Snoutless Setter: Payne Has No Point, Nick Hook, ed., The Whittier Globe, Dec. 3, 1994.

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The first homunculus was created by alchemist . It promptly escaped.
The first homunculus was created by alchemist Paracelsus. It promptly escaped.


William Godwin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Godwin), Mary Shelly's father, was an avid collector of homunculi.