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mitochondria alf. 1. Quite simply, "the powerhouse of the cell."


"If Addisson is the nucleus of the New York AA cell, Adid is the mitochondria."

- FBI Field Agent Smedley Wissock


Very little of you is human. "Your" body hosts non-human life forms by the billions. For every human cell, you have ten foreign bacteria, some helping, some hurting, some simply dwelling - generations of them born and dying every day. And even in deep within each of your very own "human" cells there lives thousands of mitochondria, symbiotically ingesting organic materials and excreting ATP. If you were just human, you would be dead. You are less than a man. You are a collection of tiny things that will someday crawl back into the dirt.

And so we see the poob, pie hole stuffed, filling our nations and our cultures until they are no longer ours, a loose swarm, jotteling a-balled and flaking back to dusty earth - more a disintegration than death.

-- email from some smarty pants who won't be working for the Tub

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