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Get Ahead: The Poob Among Us
Get Ahead: The Poob Among Us
World Problems: The Poob Among Us
World Problems: The Poob Among Us
Shedding Ignorance: The Poob Among Us
Shedding Ignorance: The Poob Among Us
Free Class: The Poob Among Us
Free Class: The Poob Among Us

In light of being Flash-enabled, I was thinking about doing a short documentary on Poob Culture. I was going to use found footage culled from the Internet Archive ( Something short, with voice-over narration, very much in the style of a 50'60's educational/industrial film. Tentative title: The Poob Among Us. Or something like that. It would be kind of a parody of Nazi anti-semitic films, etc, faux sociology and the like.

Thoughts? It'd be nice to have some text to start working into a narrative bulk?

sven-I can get started on that tonight. I have somee 16mm footage of a art teacher i hacked on last night for a bit. I have the voice-over tools even. T-I think the best way to go about it, however, is to build basically what amounts to a short essay on the subject. I was going to cull what's here on the Tub first, and see what that yeilds. The Poob information is spread around quite alot.

payne-How 'bout these posters advertising free adult ed. courses? We could show these as ads for The Poob Among Us course. T- Yeah! Those are cool -- and pretty much spot on as for the "vibe" of the thing. I know the script, as such, is in the shabbiest of shape, but please feel free add to it, what have you. The idea was to use footage of 1950's-60's Americana, dudes in offices, women gossiping, kids playing, etc, as the The Poob, generally speaking, is simply the Public at large, which is to say, Consumers. It can go deeper than that obviously, but for the purpose of the script it's a nice generalization for sparks.


--- The Poobs have established five major falsehoods which work to conceal their nature and protect their status and power, to wit:

1) The Poob is the result of evolution, that is, Poob Culture is the most developed from of human arrangement, the natural outgrowth of preceding, inferior systems. a 2) Man is born a Poob, it is his natural state; all previous manifestations of mankind have been deluded by diseased culture; 3) That Poob culture is responsible for saving the world from Fascism in World War 2, and during the Cold War, The Poob is responsible for destroying Communism; 4) That all races are equal, or that all are brothers; and, 5) That Poobanism the only philosophy capable of uniting mankind and forever avoiding war and strife.

The goal of the Poob is to make himself the ruler of humanity. Wherever he comes, he destroys works of culture. He is not a creative spirit, rather a destructive spirit.

The Poob Among You

We live like animals -- in these softly lit, profile portraits -- dawning lights splitting our faces, denying the Destiny of our Race and our Nation; who can sully the forts we have erected with poisonous waters? Who can fly dirigible-like, bloated on the feaces of Wisdom, grafittoists at work upon the cave-wall shadows agored by switcblade and parasites?

I'm not popping corks for my amusement -- and I'm not splashing wine across the VERY IMPORTANT TREASURE MAP because it's suits me, no, I'm acting out the violent death-rattle of my Culture, where it spits averse millet over the miller's treadtop, where it bullies the indignant Juvie into giving himself up . . . Our joy lay in the liberation of specie. It lay in the paving of a road that leads to bulldogged Jehovah, his powers diminished.

Poob In Our Midst

Part One (what is the problem? Why is this film here? It's a warning about the poob) Humanity today faces a cultural crisis point which challenges our Honor and threatens to abort our natural Destiny. women and children who strive for a better future. And what is this crisis? Quite simply, it is hidden, unbeknown to even most astute man among you. Turn to look at your fellow -- can you trust him? Will he help you to further the goals of our kind? That answer could be no. He could be suffering from a hidden disease, the culture-disease that makes him a Poob.

Lone voice, from the rear of the crowd: But what is a Poob?

Narrator: I'm glad you asked! They are forcing us from the Leftist front! And on the Right, they have proven insoluble, a religous fantacism that, et etc.

Lone voice, from the rear of the crowd: huh?

(A moment when the Consumer overlaps with the Merchant -- and though profit occurs, the meeting is characterized by loss.)

LV: Loss of what exactly?

N: Sieze Him!!!

This is what happens when you try and expose the truth!

(tentative ending, moving into production. Getting drunk too quick, have to manipulate inscrutable interfacce.)

How can I help, you might ask? Whoa, slow down there, Johnny. First things first! You have know how to spot a Poob -- and more than that, make sure they don't spot you. And if they do, brother, run! (ctu to manic intro outro jumpcut madness, about 15 sec)

Part Two

(Characteristics of the Poob. An analysis. How to spot them.)

Let's listen in . . . It is your duty to seek out and find The Poob. Beware of his culture, it is a poison which corrupts our minds like the plague. Do not allow our neighborhoods to become contaminated with the Poob. Children beware of the poob, they will offer you treats and prizes. Women and Daughtters expecially be aware of the Pooban influence; they seek to shackle your body and release the lust for The Poobs own propaganda purposes.

There are four main characteristics of the Poob.

Poobs are everywhere, they have dominated our culture and our minds. We are forced to live like animals among them, shuffling through their diseased world like slaves. They have reduced to the role of secret negro.

Part Three

(what you can do. our future planned. Recap with hint of future glory)

The Poob builds his grotesque edifice on the decayed glory of the family. This ancient oppression has reached levels of complexity has been perfected by the Poob, until the individuals' freedom is drown as in a hive.