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Dr. Peter Von Fondle astounded the psychiatric commmunity with his Quantum Ethical Investigations into contemporary obsessions with paedophilia, the worship of tits and the ongoing Western Subscription to the controversial doctrine of Over Arching Pink, a corruption of True Pink, a renaissance re-organization of ancient Death Cults. He controlled America.

Vast amounts of money discoverd by his heirs, bundled with paper displaying a notorious imprint, launched an investigation of The League of Men with Fancy Gloves. An evil Presbyterian minister was found to have been using expensive mediums and clairvoyants to blackmail the unsuspecting, using rumors of king-kill, incest and war to bilk people out of millions. A frame job was then employed on the unsuspecting gentlemen of the League of Men. They were exonerated. The minister, Barnabas Jones, sits in San Quentin.

Puti-core's defining elements can be associated with the phenomenon of child porn in the modern era.

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