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mushroom n. 1. An umbrella shaped fungus, variously delicious (with steak), poisonous, and/or hallucinogenic. 2. To increase exponentially; to blossom or spin out of control. 3. A mushroom shaped object, esp. a cloud.


During the gavage, Senior Gnome Scouts are fed nothing but mushrooms for a month in preparation for their final initiation. Their young bodies are said to sprout a fungus which is then eaten by members of The League of Gnomes in their rituals. -- Dubord, Elysius. "Gnomes: A Brief History of the Twentieth Century".

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One can make a "mushroom marking" on skin by the forceful indention of a penis-head. The penis may also be dipped in ketsup and slapped on the forehead of a sleeping "comrade."

The obverse side of the American one-dollar bill can be folded in such a way as to make George Washington's head resemble a mushroom.