Gnome Scouts

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Organization founded by John P. Merriweather in 1952 to indoctrinate young men and women into a "Gnomic" way of life. Generally considered to be a recruiting ground for The League of Gnomes. Although repeatedly rocked by scandal, the group continues to prosper in the US, Canada, Mexico and Great Britain.

Organizational Structure

Gnome Scout Ranks

  1. Pitling
  2. Lemming
  3. Sulpurite
  4. Stammer
  5. Thunder Jack
Gnome Scouts are organized into Grottoes, usually comprised of 10 to 20 members. Grottoes fall under the jurisdiction of 13 Regional Caves, which in turn report to a Universal Cavern.

Their symbol is a black hammer superimposed over a silver mushroom.

Their uniforms are black jumpsuits with fully-functional oil-lamp miners helmets.

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