Cartwheels of Grace

From Plastic Tub

A short-lived charismatic group founded by Dogie Pearl in 1975. Coming from a decidedly Incidentalist viewpoint, the "cult" was doomed to failure from the beginning: reconciling a strict interpretation of the Bible with AA thought has been found to be impossible.

Cartwheels of Grace was also the name of a short-lived indie rock group comprised of ironic hipsters hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico, circa 1995.

It has been reported that as recently as November, 2018, the "CoG" logo, a stylized cogwheel bristling with vipers, has been appearing on various prominent European monuments, even though the band last performed in 1999. CCTV footage shows a be-cauled and indistinct figure of indeterminable age and gender tagging the Louvre.

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