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Current of AA thought made manifest after the 3rd AA International Conference.

Incidentalism is stoic, "realist" or rather, naturalist, hard-core, whimsical, realpolitik, cynical, smiling and quite trustworthy.

It is that strain of AA thought which focuses not on the Accident, the flicker of chance which precedes perception. Nor the Association, which turns that glimpsed thereof into the pattern developing from a series of such minute explosions. No, it is the event itself they revel in.

Incidentalists do not believe in revelation but hunch, deduction and construction.

Incidentalists want to minimalize spectacle, but they do want spectacle insamuch as they prefer a flea-circus to the Super Bowl.

Whimsical and amiable, however, in that all Accidents and Associations can meet at the sand pit for a game of horseshoes.

Mazzistow Carrington, Verna Cable and Steven Adkins can be seen lurking about Incidentalist shindigs.

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