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Jo(h)nny Cake pnu. 1. Euphemism for the pancake among American settlers and their descendants. 2. Tim Wilson's funkadelic audio release from 1996, on the short-lived Alpha Chimp label. 3. A potent brand of Peruvian blow.


Lambasted by Rolling Stone as "pure crap," the album still manages to find a steady and enthusiastic audience. Tracks can frequently be heard on the kind of college radio stations prone to playing Jandek ( Kurt Cobain listed it as number 27 on a list of his favorite 146 albums of 1978. Thom York described it as "THE soundtrack for Guvernor Morris birthday celebrations; if Johnny Cake ain't on the turntable, either take Alexander Hamilton's dick out of your mouth or leave the closet."

Track Listing

  1. Over The Hump, Darlin'
  2. We've Got the Motts
  3. The Ballad of Pants McFadden
  4. Crank the Shaft, Squat the World
  5. Have A Slice of Johnny
  6. Call me Mr. Funky, But Call Me
  7. Plump Sister Roll Over
  8. Essay On The New Machinery
  9. You Dropped the Bum On Me
  10. Super-Doodle

Non-Canonical Text

"I've outrun an old man, and an old woman, and a little boy, and two well-diggers, and two ditch-diggers, and a bear, and a wolf, and I can outrun you too-o-o." Last words of Have A Slice of Johnny.

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A digital scan of the rare disk, oozing with "preternatural cool."
A digital scan of the rare disk, oozing with "preternatural cool."


Berma Pickles, the beautiful model posing with Wilson on on the cover of the album, although not related to Dr. Martin Savage Pickles, once took a course in Quantum Ethics from the famously irascible professor.