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pancake, flapjack(s), wheatcake n. 1. A work of art, wrought by hand; the upper made lower, the idea made a kind of dough-like flesh. 2. A gift from an alien, as exemplified in the Choco Saga. 3. The end result of a recipe, a scientific investigation or an alchemical operation. 4. Fifth sign on the O'Donnely Zodiac Placemats. 5. Accidentalist totem animal, thought to have been inspired by the Ebionite Gospel of Matthew, wherein a single Greek letter is swapped, transforming locusts into wheat-cakes. 6. A breakfast meal often eaten late at night. 7. Inspiration.


In an interview with Playboy magazine, Flintrock said: "I don't care if you call 'em pancakes, batter cakes, a pile of blankets, some brown bucks, or a fucking crepe I'll eat 'em. Even if you call 'em flapjacks, flats, fried mush, a gandy or a griddlecake, goddam, you can even call 'em a hot cake or a jonnycake, a manhole cover, tire patches, or wheat cakes -- I'll punch 'em, fuck 'em, eat 'em and shit 'em out. And then I'll eat 'em again."

On this note, Flintrock was notorious for boasting about the size of his "stack." Most assumed he referred to his penis, or perhaps his overt musculature, though he usually meant his "tower of power" -- again turning to euphemism, possibly confused with his cock, but most definitely referring to the sheer hulking presence of his breakfast.


"Mmmm, good pancakes." -- Alexandre Dacusse, to Jonathan Trenchwheat, 1966

"Them's some lonely looking pancakes, Sven." -- Steven Adkins to Sven, all kidding aside

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Pancakes favor community over isolation.
Pancakes favor community over isolation.


In Ireland, Australia, and Canada, Shrove Tuesday (aka Mardi Gras) is known as Pancake Tuesday, while in Britain it is popularly known as Pancake Day. Many other international celebrations are also celebrated by vigorous pancake consumption.

IHOP, a restaurant built around a pancake-heavy menu, is suspected to be owned by the League of Gnomes.