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He arrives by chandelier, crashing through the window. He is a dollop of trichloride paste wearing impossibly thin sock-garters. He receives a work-out video and a pat on the back for services rendered.

A super-hero played by Stimes Addisson between 1950-1985. William Flintrock somehow

Associational Strips and Related Sequentialism

rigged up a suit which allowed Addisson to emit balloons from his masked jaw at will. The idea was to befuddle evil-doers into stunned obedience. In 35 years Stimes suffered a broken jaw--twice--a stab wound and a fractured sternum. He never once caught a criminal but legend has it that after a lecture at Yale he was walking past the Skull and Bones house and scared a drunken young George W. Bush so badly that the latter pissed his pants.

Characters in the Lil' AA read Balloonjaw comics and dress up like both he and The Chameleon, his sometimes sidekick.

Balloonjaw has been outlawed in almost every state as a public menace. His head, a bulbous lens in flux, is often described by New Jersey JAP's as "priceless."


Balloonjaw was the alleged inspiration for Philip Dru: Administrator.