Snack Cake

From Plastic Tub

Enjoyed by AA-types of all stripes, the actual snack cake preferred varies widely. William Flintrock likes organic fennel-seed brownies made from unrefined sugar; Mazzistow Carrington is a moon-pie man. Addisson always stuck to Little Debbies.

Believed to be invented by Egyptians soon after beer, they have been in circulation ever since.

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SNACK CAKES RULE!: So enjoined the graffiti, sole witness to a slaughter, which so befuddled investigators.

Ahmed Capra went through more money in snack cakes than in beer, due mainly to his heroin habit and his shockingly-low blood-sugar levels.

Tim Wilson once baked a snack cake so large he could float it down the Rio Grande with a dozen illegal immigrants on board.